Spring Appeal: Better Healing

Spring Appeal: Better Healing

Your donations help ensure burn survivors receive meaningful medical devices that can reduce future invasive procedures and give survivors a chance at better healing. Health insurance doesn’t always cover important devices like burn compression garments but recovery from burns cannot wait.

In recent years, the Burn Institute has purchased compression garments and total contact masks totaling nearly $30,000. The investment is significant. The outcomes are priceless.

 “I saw a significant difference in my scars after wearing my compression garments. It saved me from having to endure laser surgery to correct the scars”

Deep burns take time to heal as the skin regrows and matures. Scarred areas can be red, raised, rigid, painful, and itchy. Without proper care, the tightened skin can limit movement and prevent survivors from enjoying daily activities or personal pursuits.

Pressure garments are worn after a burn to control scarring and to improve the look of injured skin. The tight-fitting garment provides a protective layer for healing skin and grafts and prevents the scar tissue from increasing in size. The results are thinner scar tissue that has greater flexibility and reduces the likelihood of having subsequent procedures. Total contact masks, a custom fitted, transparent silicone device, are prescribed for facial and neck burns and effectively provide pressure to the unique shape of the survivors’ face. Survivors will wear pressure garments 23-hours a day and for up to one-year or more after the initial injury. Regrettably, some burn survivors do not have adequate health insurance coverage nor the financial means to cover the costs that can be thousands of dollars.

With your donation, many more burn survivors will have access to these important medical devices and have the opportunity to repair physically; further, your contribution will also provide the resources to support the long journey of healing emotionally from burn trauma.

Thank you for supporting the Burn Institute and our vision to be a champion for the prevention and reduction of fires and burn injuries, and ensure that all burn survivors have the resources, support, and compassion to thrive.

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Susan Day

Executive Director

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