Protecting Our Heroes

Protecting Our Heroes

The Burn Institute’s Red Line of Courage Fund is Here to Protect and Support Our Heroes

While you’re spending cherished time with your loved ones this holiday season, please keep in mind all of those who are desperately missing their first responders. Wildfires continue to rage on and our brave firefighters continue to fight. The Burn Institute is here to support these fearless heroes with the Red Line of Courage Fund.

Established in 2016, the Burn Institute proudly established this unique fund to provide support services to local firefighters who sustain a burn injury while on duty. The Red Line of Courage Fund is designed to supplement those services already in place for professional firefighters, and make resources available for the more immediate and long-term needs that other programs do not offer. To implement and sustain the Red Line of Courage Fund, the Burn Institute sets aside a portion of the proceeds from the Annual Firefighter Boot Drive that is held each March, as a safety net for our courageous firefighters.

356 days a year, the Burn Institute stands at the ready to support local burn survivors with financial and emotional assistance. Should one of our brave men or women on the fire line endure the devastation of a burn injury, the Institute will be there to nurture, comfort and back their family in their time of need. If you feel impacted by the recent wildland fires and want to ensure our local heroes are taken care of, consider making a donation to the Burn Institute’s Red Line of Courage Fund by donating online at and noting “Red Line of Courage” in the memo field or by mailing checks to 8825 Aero Drive #200, San Diego, CA 92123.

Thank you in advance for keeping our brave firefighters and their families in your thoughts and please consider sharing this information with others who wish to support the courageous fire fighters who protect us.