Internship Overview

The Burn Institute’s Community Outreach Burn Prevention and Education Internship Program is designed to provide professional development opportunities to students by exposing them to burn prevention education techniques and methodologies, and how to effectively present these materials for vulnerable populations, specifically children and seniors.

Currently all internships are done remotely with communication through email, telephone, and Zoom.

Mission & Programs

The Burn Institute’s mission is to reduce burn-related injuries and deaths in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Our approach to achieving our mission is two-fold. First, through our prevention programs, we offer free fire safety presentations for children and free smoke alarm installations for seniors. Second, we offer burn survivor support services that include physical and mental health counseling; and financial support for families whose loved ones are receiving hospital care for burn injuries.

Other Information

Internships are available for Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. To maximize your internship experience, we encourage students to commit to two semesters with the Burn Institute; however, two semesters are not mandatory. Company vehicles are available, but you may be asked to use your personal vehicle at times. Please note this is an unpaid internship.

For questions about the Senior Smoke Alarm program please contact

For questions about the Fire Safe Kids program please contact

Senior Smoke Alarm Internship Overview

  • Community outreach to address the lack of smoke alarms in seniors’ homes and the need for fire safety education with a targeted population
  • Interns work first-hand with residents in 30-minute home visits to provide life-saving smoke alarms as well as fire safety and burn prevention education
  • In-office data collection and communication with prospective seniors qualified to receive free smoke alarm service

Fire Safe Kids Internship Overview

  • Educate kids K-6 about fire safety (escape plans, stop/drop/roll, what to do if you spill a hot liquid on yourself) through a 30 minute Fire Safe Kids presentation
  • Presentations occur through Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams
  • Outreach to teachers all over San Diego County
  • Administer, collect, and analyze pre and posttest data for the Fire Safe Kids program