Burn Survivor Services. Fire Safety. Burn Prevention. For All.

About the Burn Institute

Our Mission is to educate and inspire our communities to reduce burn injuries and empower those affected by burn trauma.

Camp Beyond The Scars 2015

Protecting & Empowering Our Community Since 1972

Everything started with one doctor. One with a dream to give burn patients specialized care.

Mobilizing a network of community activists, Dr. Hugh Frank, a San Diego hand surgeon, raised money for a specialized treatment center. And he made a real difference in our region.

Each year, the Burn Institute reaches 1,000s of youth, adults, and seniors in San Diego and Imperial Counties. With our programs and services, we help prevent fires – and the injuries that can result. For individuals with burn injuries and their families, we provide support programs and financial assistance that gives coping skills, true community, and hope.

Our Partnership with the UC San Diego Health Regional Burn Center

In 1973, one of the Institute’s first accomplishments was helping to establish the UC San Diego Health Regional Burn Center, which provides specialized medical and surgical treatment for patients in San Diego and Imperial County with burns and varying skin disorders. Another component of their services is   cutting edge burn research. The Regional Burn Center is verified by the American Burn Association as a pediatric and adult burn center. Each year, the Burn Center admits approximately 450 burn patients and provides outpatient treatment to over 800 new patients of all ages.

The Burn Institute assists with housing, transportation, meal vouchers, and other necessities while a burn survivor is receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Financial aid for specific outpatient needs and procedures during a burn survivor’s long-term recovery is also offered.


Every contribution makes all the difference.

With your donation, we can prevent fires, reduce the resulting burn injuries, and help all burn survivors thrive. You can be a champion for San Diego and Imperial Counties’ safety and well-being.

Together, we can make a compassionate – and life-saving – impact on our community.