Provides financial support to members of the fire service who sustain a burn injury while on duty.

Red Line of Courage Fund

Support Firefighter Burn Survivors

The Red Line of Courage Fund is designed to provide financial support to members of the fire service who sustain a burn injury while on duty. This unique program assists with the immediate and long-term needs that arise while our local heroes are recovering from the trauma of a burn. 
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Red Line of Courage Fund

The Burn Institute proudly created this unique fund to provide support services to local firefighters who sustain a burn injury while on duty. The Red Line of Courage Fund is designed to supplement those services already in place for professional firefighters and make resources available for the more immediate and long-term needs that other programs do not offer. To implement and sustain the Red Line of Courage Fund, the Burn Institute sets aside a portion of the proceeds from the Annual Firefighter Boot Drive that is held each March, as a safety net for our courageous firefighters.


356 days a year, the Burn Institute stands at the ready to support local burn survivors with financial and emotional assistance. Should one of our brave men or women on the fire line endure the devastation of a burn injury, the Institute will be there to nurture, comfort and back their family in their time of need.

“I know the fear you feel as you face never seeing your loved ones again.”

In 2007, firefighter Brooke and her crew battled a major wildfire driven by Santa Ana winds. While attempting to rescue a father and son from their home, the group became trapped and engulfed by walls of fire. One firefighter lost their life that day, and Brooke’s life was drastically changed in a matter of minutes.

Sustaining multiple severe burn injuries, she endured a medically induced coma for over 2 weeks. When Brooke could finally return home, she struggled with intense emotions besides her physical healing. Now after years of surgeries and rehabilitation, Brooke has come to terms with the fact that the wildfire stole a career that she loved. A burn injury leaves more than just scars everyone can see. For that reason, the Burn Institute is here to ensure that no burn survivor, nor their family, has to face that challenge alone.

After her injury, Brooke rebuilt many aspects of her life, including deciding to switch career paths and pursue a Masters in Psychology so she may assist fellow burn survivors and individuals experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Even with a hectic schedule and a family of four children, she lends an understanding ear and an empathetic voice to others in need just like the Burn Institute has been by Brooke’s side to assist in her lifelong healing journey. From sponsoring Brooke’s family to attend World Burn Congress, to providing a little extra support while she was furthering her education, the Burn Institute will always be by her side.

In Brooke’s own words, “The Burn Institute’s programs help bring smiles back to children, help bring light to a very dark time, help make tomorrow’s obstacles just a little easier to face and help turn burn victims into burn survivors.”

If you would like to support our fire service heroes who sustain and injury while on-duty, consider making a gift to the Red Line of Courage Fund here.