Burn Survivor Family Retreat 2020

Burn Survivor Family Retreat 2020

 The Burn Institute Annual Family Retreat is designed for burn survivors ages 0 to 8 and includes siblings, parents, and caregivers. The weekend escape allows a space for families to begin the healing processes together as they each explore their individual experience with their family’s burn injury and how that incident has impacted them. Often times family members harbor deep feelings of guilt, shame, blame, and anxiety that require a dedicated period of time where each person may reflect, open-up, process, and heal. The Family Retreat offers this transformative space. 

Due to the unforeseen Coronavirus that resulted in social distancing guidelines, we were forced to cancel the program to ensure the continued health of the seven families enrolled. To help ease the loss of not having the weekend for family bonding and fun, we provided a “Retreat-in-a-Box” filled with toys, books, games and snacks, and fun activities for the whole family including a gift-card for a Family Pizza Night. 

Professional telephone or video therapy sessions have been offered to the parents/caregivers so they can discuss their child’s injury and the emotional toll it may be taking on them and the entire family unit. Burn Institute staff remains in contact with the families to ensure they know they are not alone in the struggles or stresses a burn injury can inflict. We look forward to gathering with these families and others in the future to empower and support. 

Our sincere appreciation to those who have continued to support this impactful program of healing. 

“We loved all the goodies and games, it gave us a new reason to smile and laugh as a family.” 

—2020 Family Retreat-in-a-Box Recipient 

Thank you to our sponsors

Bolton Foundation 

David C Copley Foundation 

The Country Friends 

Grossmont Healthcare District 

Las Primeras 

The Melvin Garb Foundation 

Pratt Memorial Fund 

Spiegel Burn Foundation 

Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation 

Walden W. & Jean Young Shaw Foundation 

W. A. Tucker Foundation