David’s Story

David’s Story

As 2021 comes to a close, I want to take a moment and thank you for your kindness and support. Because of your generous contributions, we have maintained our critical pledge to educate and inspire our communities to reduce burn injuries and empower those affected by burn trauma.

David knows personally about burn trauma. While riding his motorcycle home from work on a dangerous curvy 2-lane road with a history of accidents, a large pickup truck pulled out in front of him and stopped. With no time to brake or swerve, David hit the vehicle broadside igniting a ball of flames and sending him flying in the air. Thankfully, a nearby business owner moved quickly using a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze, but not before David sustained significant burns to his arms, legs, groin, and hands encompassing 25% of his body. It was during his 2 months at the Burn Center where his wife learned about the Burn Institute when we offered gas cards to help ease the financial burden the family was experiencing with David out of work. We also surprised the family with gifts for their two daughters over the holidays when David and Isabel needed to focus on David’s injuries and recovery.

“Even with the constant pain and desire to just stay in bed all day, I’ve discovered it’s never all bad. There’s always good that comes out of everything.”

Now, just over a year later, David continues to wear compression garments funded by the Burn Institute and is working with a counselor to help process the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from the accident. His wife, Isabel, accompanied him to our Adult Burn Survivor and Caregiver Retreat where they met dozens of people who also endured a burn injury and experienced a similar ordeal. Now they have a large group of caring, compassionate individuals to provide emotional support and encouragement.

“I’m a stronger person now…even a better person.”

I extend my own heartfelt thanks to you for the care and compassion you have shown the Burn Institute in the past, and especially during this challenging year of pandemic emergence. Best wishes to you and yours in this holiday season and thank you for your consideration of continued support. Your donations are truly saving and changing lives. Thank you again.


Susan Day

Executive Director

P.S.  Donate to the Burn Institute in honor or in memory of someone you love, and we’ll send them a note announcing your contribution. You can donate online with a one-time or reoccurring gift at burninstitute.org or give us a call!