Malia’s Story

Malia’s Story

Malia has a loving and active family. As with many siblings, she and her brothers play and goof around with each other. Several years ago, her brother tried to balance his hot plate of food on her back. What started as an innocent challenge turned into a painful accident within seconds. Malia sustained burns from the steaming hot food on her back and neck. Her mom vividly remembers hearing Malia’s screams and seeing skin peeling off her daughters back. The entire family was traumatized.

Malia spent 3 weeks at the UC San Diego Regional Burn Center where she received a skin graft from a donor site on her leg. Her body has healed, yet she carries scars from the ordeal extending down her shoulders and waist. Malia’s mom learned about the Burn Institute’s Camp Beyond the Scars and felt it would be good for her 9-year-old daughter to connect with kids who have been through a similar accident.

Camp offered Malia the opportunity to meet other burn survivors, build confidence in herself and grow a positive self-image to carry her forward. In just a few weeks, we will welcome Malia back to camp, and as a seasoned camper and survivor, she will lend an­­ encouraging voice to new campers as they discover their own inner strength as a survivor.

“My dream is to be a counselor for kids at Camp Beyond the Scars.” 

The Burn Institute pledges to give every young burn survivor the gift of Camp as we work tirelessly raising $1,000 per camper to offset the costs for the week-long experience. Can you help send a burn-injured child to camp? We are pleased to announce that your donation will be doubled by a special matching grant from a generous donor who supports Camp Beyond the Scars and the lifelong journey.

Donating today will double your impact 

Your gift will go twice as far to help deliver hope and healing to young burn survivors. As you write your check, or go online to donate, think of Malia, and the many others whose lives will be changed because of your generosity.

Thank you for helping to make Camp Beyond the Scars a reality!