Meet Carlos Olivares

Meet Carlos Olivares

All of us at the Burn Institute are pleased to introduce Carlos Olivares, who takes over as the Director of Burn Survivor Services as our dear friend Leilani eases into her much-deserved retirement. Many of you have already spoken with Carlos, and we hope the rest of you will meet him at the Burn Survivor Picnic. In the meantime, you can learn a little about Carlos below.

1.) What inspired you to join the Burn Institute?

What inspired me to join the Burn Institute is knowing that there is an organization spearheading support and services to a community not often given the attention deserved. Together, with our first responders and dedicated doctors and nurses at UCSD’s Burn Center, we offer a light of hope to those who need it.

2.) What is the first thing/one thing you want all of our burn survivors to feel when they access our services?

The Burn Institute will always be a source of support for the community. There has been a great foundation laid and we will grow our programs and support. The light already provided will only get brighter moving forward.

3.) What brings you joy?

Knowing that there is a solution to every problem.

Also, my family, friends, and sports. I enjoy work, especially when it allows me to support and create an impact. But I am a person outside of work. But overall, I enjoy being able to see someone smile and be happy. 

4.) Anything else you want to share with us?

Adversity does not discriminate, nor does it have one particular look. We all face it at various levels and times. Growing up I faced adversity and acquired support. I did not allow my adversity to dictate who I am today. What shaped me most was the support I acquired from my family and mentors. My goal is to provide a high level of support for our community and help every one of them reach their version of success.