The beginning of Aaron’s life was difficult at best; at just 24 days old, his biological father submerged him in scalding water, burning over 45% of his small body. Upon arrival, the doctors gave him less than a 10% chance of surviving. Aaron was placed into a medically induced coma and underwent skin grafting, where they removed skin from his hip and used it to reconstruct his right ear.

Returning home after 4 months in the hospital, Aaron wore tight, full-body compression garments, causing him discomfort and making him so upset that he had a hard time sleeping, keeping food down and struggled to grow. The doctors prepared his mother for the years of hard work ahead including limited range of motion, significant scarring and numerous surgeries. With the talents of medical professionals and overwhelming love from his family, Aaron survived and thrived!

The physical challenges were not the only issue that Aaron had to deal with.

After a traumatic injury, there can be many difficult questions for a young man to understand.  Fortunately, Aaron enjoyed many visits to Camp Beyond the Scars, where he learned that there were other children who had also suffered burns; allowing him to understand that he was not facing his challenges alone.

Today, at age 16, Aaron has grown into a happy, healthy well-adjusted young man who realizes that he can do and become whatever he chooses to do and become.  He is still an active member in the Burn Institute family and now helps others facing the same challenges he once did.  He believes all people have challenges and that his burns are part of his life, but not something that defines him.

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